We are living in the era of self-construction and entrepreneurship.
Although the success of an entrepreneur is a highly rewarding one, the path to success is not that easy especially when there is so much infollution around the subject.That’s where LITE steps in, LITE aims to provide the entrepreneurial perspective and the ability to take steps towards the goals of the 21th century business world during the one and a half year program in a university setting.

Positioning the brand had some drawbacks. Although LITE derives its name from four concepts; learning, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship and contrary (and unfair) to the content of the program the LITE’s connotation was lightness.

"The biggest challenge of the branding was to turn LITE’s lightness connotation to our advantage so that the target audience would feel confident about applying to this well-rounded, different and game-changing education program.​​​​​​​"

The connotation challenge aside, the branding had to heroize what the brand does and offers. We reinterpreted what LITE does into design language; LITE equips entrepreneurs of tomorrow with competencies required for being the heroes of their own success stories by showing them ways to redefine themselves and careers. The person at the first day of the program is not the same as the one who graduates. Through participating to LITE, one is able to construct and redefine endless versions of him or herself.

“The global symbol of creating meaning and defining something; a colon is used.”


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