As our lives gets busier and more hectic everyday, we all need someone to organize our lives and that’s why Uncluttr was launched. 

Uncluttr is a one-woman business, based in US. The brand is a highly personalized professional consulting service targeting high net-worth individuals who are time poor and need somebody to organize their lives.
In order to position the brand, we chose to heroize what the brand basically does to its clients’ lives; transforming their lives wisely for the better. On the other hand transformation and wiseness are not assets that can be visualized easily. The best way to convey these characteristics to the target audience was through using a symbol. 

That symbol had to represent someone who offers others the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life wisely. This symbol had to be universal and unlock the same seal in everyone so that the brand would be meaningful for everyone. The symbol we were looking for was an owl with its ability to see that other cannot and whose presence announces life transition and change.

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